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Afghan hound

Wed, 27/10/2010 - 4:27pm


BREED GROUP: hounds 
CHARACTER: the Afghan is a very proud, noble breed, very calm indoors, but requires lots of space to run and burn off excess energy. males can be quite dominant over other males, get on with children so long as they are not pestered constantly. you can never completely train an afghan as they are very independant animals. 
CARE: requires careful grooming for at least one hour twice a week, ear cleaning is also necessary 
ACTIVITY: needs a lot of exercise and to be able to have a run regularly

One of the most glamorous of dog breeds the Afghan has strength, dignity and a most aloof expression. A natural chaser as he is a hunter, training for recall is not easy, but he is loving and faithful towards his owner. The coat is hard to maintain, very long, silky, flowing, shedding, absorbs moisture and odor and requires you to keep this dry. The hounds are easily distracted by moving objects. They do not require or enjoy a lot of physical affection.

* Good for nervous owners
* Likes Training
* Medium breed
* Walks at least once a day