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CHARACTER:  Airedales are very good natured and excellent with children. they are loyal but stubborn, active, intelligent and playful. barking is infrequent. 
CARE: the coat requires little grooming, but should be plucked twice a year. 
ACTIVITY: 3 walks a day and playing outside, also loves swimming and needs a variety of playthings to prevent them from being bored.
An active, muscular, cobby and alert dog with a playful temperament. The back is short, strong, straight and level, the chest should be deep but not broad. Originally used for ratting and otter hunting. The Airedale is unbeatable for its size and weight when trained for attack and defence. This dog is one of the finest guard dogs and protectors of property especially from wild animals. These are genetically hearty dogs with few physical problems. Very courageous, practically oblivious to pain.
The Airedale is a medium size, active dog who needs companionship and regular exercise. The male stands about 58-61 cm and the female about 56-59 cm in height at the shoulder.
They possess a hard outer wiry coat and a softer waterproof undercoat. The coat needs to be clipped two or three times a year if kept as a pet. For show purposes, the coat is hand stripped.
The Airedale Terrier is a real 'all rounder', possessed of sound temperament and great intelligence having excelled at a great variety of tasks, including obedience, hunting and retrieving and police dogs.
They are a devoted, loyal family member and prove their true worth, capable of protecting their property and family with absolute trustworthiness. They are sensible watch dogs. They aren't as yappy or snappy as some of their smaller terrier cousins, nor are they aggressive. Airedales can convert their challenge to a welcome in an instant, as long as their master gives the okay.
Airedales need adequate exercise and a have a great need for affection. You can't just leave him alone in the backyard or else you will end up with a delinquent on your hands.
They have their own unique character and are fun loving and mischievous. They think for themselves, are sometimes smarter than you and are a clown with more personality than other dogs.
* Good for allergy sufferers
* Good for nervous owners
* Likes Training
* Walks at least once a day
* Likes playing
* Likes fuss and attention