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Wed, 27/10/2010 - 3:37pm

BREED GROUP: working 
CHARACTER: often used by the Japanese as police dogs they were originally bred to hunt bears. they are a powerfully built dog with a strong hunting instinct. they are calm and intelligent and make excellent watch dogs. they prefer to not have other dogs around, can get on with children and other pets if introduced fro a young age. strangers be aware.
CARE: sheds twice a year will need thorough grooming at this time. 
ACTIVITY: excellent stamina, but don't mind not getting daily walks.

A movie was developed some time ago, which is a sad account of how loyal Atkita's really are. It is called Hachi: A Dog's Tale - Official Movie Trailer. This is a true story. This is based on a dog named Hachi who loved his owner so much that he waited by the train station until he died. You just have to see it, the love they had for one another was amazing. Who says dogs don't grieve, I know for a fact they do. Akitas are not for everyone.  They were originally bred as an off lead hunter and for that reason they are a very intelligent "thinking" dog.  They had to think to survive.  They hunted, among other things, bears and wild boar. 

Akitas are a spitz breed dog and for that reason can be very stubborn and often to the inexperienced, difficult to obedience train. In the hands of an experienced trainer, however, an Akita can be a dream come true and often will be top of his class.

The Akita must always be kept on a lead when in public.  He should never be allowed to roam free on a park or reserve.  Remember, he was bred to hunt.  It is a natural instinct of the Akita to revert to "hunt mode" when allowed to roam freely off lead.  Even the most highly trained Akita has tunnel vision when allowed to roam free.  If he confronts another dog that happens to be aggressive, the Akita may not start the fight, but he will most surely finish it.  

The Akita can be an excellent family dog and companion if raised in the right environment.   Akitas males, in particular tend to go through an "adolescence" stage where they can be particularly difficult for their owners.  Its a make or break time and without proper obedience training they can easily go out of control and be lost forever.

A well trained and well adjusted Akita, on the other hand is an absolute pleasure to own and the pride and joy of his owner.  A good Akita is truly a remarkable dog, unlike any other. He shows never ending loyalty to his family.  He is a fearless protector who would gladly give his life for those he loves.  If raised with children, his adoration of those children knows no bounds.  This truly is a remarkable breed, but always remember

* Likes Training
* Can be aggressive
* Very intelligent
* Occasional walks
* Likes playing
* Likes fuss and attention