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Alaskan malamute

Wed, 27/10/2010 - 9:03pm


BREED GROUP: working 
CHARACTER: one of the oldest arctic sled pullers. a friendly, affectionate and loyal dog, gets on well with children. doesn't make a good watch dog. 
CARE: the coat has a greasy, wooly undercoat, and a coarse thick outer coat. requires little grooming, although a good brushing with a coarse comb is advisable when shedding. 
ACTIVITY: requires at least one hour of hard exercise per day.
The Spitz Cart horse, a heavy sledge dog with a thick coat, curly tail, prick ears, with heavy bone and a powerfully built, 'tall' structure. This is a friendly breed with people, rarely bark and have little guarding instinct. They can be obstinate,are very clean and amazingly free from odour. The thick coarse topcoat has an oily dense undercoat that needs grooming, a moult can be all covering!
* Average intelligence
* Large breed
* Walks at least three times a day
* Likes playing
* Likes fuss and attention