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Converting a childs playhouse to an aviary

Tue, 04/12/2012 - 10:34pm

HI, Im looking for advice from anyone that can help in one way or another. My two kids have outgrown the play house in my garden. I was hoping to convert it to an aviary for finches, canarys, budgies etc if they can all be mixed together The house is outside and measures 7 feet wide, 5 feet deep, 6 feet to top of apex. It is painted on the outside and the four windows are currently plastic panels 18" x 18"  that dont open.  The inside is lined with 1/4 inch thick white painted hardboard. The floor is currently carpet tiles on wooden floor.

If I took out the window panels and covered the holes in mesh would this be enough circulation or should I take out a hole side as the door is central with a window either side. One end of the house has two windows. There are no windows in the back or other end. The door is a barn style opening out that will be replaced and another inner door erected to enable access to the aviary.

The roof trusses inside are made of pine wood as are the roof panels, these were going to be left as perches.

The front of the house faces East and the end with windows faces North, we have the sun in our garden all day in the summer and there is no shade from trees etc.

I would remove the floor tiles leaving a wooden floor and maybe throw down some wood chippings unless anything else was suggested.

Extra perches, boxes, and other roosting items will be added. I will be reading up on keeping birds in an aviary and ensure the right food and water containers are added.

We had blue tits this year in one of the nesting boxes on the side of the house and the kids loved it.

I know there are lots of questions but if someone could help I would be very much appreciative. I would like to start soon ready for spring.  Also do I need electric / heating as our winters can get cold.