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Algae problem - What can I do?

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I have always had quite a lot of Algae in my fishtank.

At first it was in the wrong position and got a lot of sunlight from my front window. I moved it and have since got a bigger tank. I still had the same problem but not with the same acceleration.

I was advised to get live plants to put in the tank to help. The plants have grown really fast and I've kept them cut back so they down take over. The plants are now covered in it too.

I got these funny capsules to put in the top of the filter they came with the tank, when I put them in, at first it seemed to help, but not for long though.

The algae is a sort of brown/green colour and there is also a few green spots on the glass.

I am a little bit naive with the fish keeping business so any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks Jo