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Bunny Help!!

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Hey all-
I have a 10 month old spotted dwarf bunny. He's a sweetheart. I adopted him last November. He adjusted right away and has quite a personality. For the past month or so, I've noticed that he has been losing little patches of fur around his face - his nose, around his eyes. His one ear is super cruncy and not soft at all anymore - and feels really bumpy and seems like he lost his hair on just that one ear. It does not stay in tune with his other ear-almost as if he is losing nerves in that one ear. Also - his eyes are squinty all the time now. He stays in a large white metal cage inside always. He eats his one scoop of pellets twice a day, a carrot a day, and a handful of hay in the morning and hanful in the afternoon. Since my roommate and I have busy school schedules, we let him out to run around and play whenever we are home. He stays in his cage when we are not home. I know he hates being locked up and I've caught him escaping from his cage from time to time. Should I take him to the vet ASAP or is this a curable common problem with rabbits? I keep his cage as clean as I can and he always has water. Let me know what I should do