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Can You Help Find Lenny? Please Read..

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Hi Pet Lovers,

About 7 weeks ago, a beautiful yellow labrador, called Lenny, went missing from his home in Worksop. Ever since then, searchers and volunteers from our sister site, http://www.lostlabs.com have dedicated all of their days searching for Lenny, and have had many sightings.. they are currently following one up at this very moment.

However, we still need more volunteers to help search for Lenny. He is now very frail, thin, dehydrated and has bloodshot eyes and is possibly injured.

Does any one live near Worksop, paticularly north, Gateford or Carlton forest way?

Could you spare some time to help?

Here is his photo:

You can also catch up with the thread on our sister site here:


If you can help, please email

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We will keep you updated on the progress and search for Lenny, and thank you for reading this..