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Cat bites while playing

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My cat has this nasty habit to bite me while playing. She bites quite strong and she would not let go. I do not know ho to teach her to stop. I have read some articles mentioning that I should definitely not try to pull my hand out of her mouth, since her instinct will make her bite even stronger. So I tried to push my hand rather than pulling it, but she still does not let go. I also tried to scream or cry, but she is not easily touched. I love playing with her, but it gets quite painful sometimes! Not to mention that my hands are always scratched and ugly! I am curious if there are really ways to cure my cat from this habit.

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We have had many cats over

We have had many cats over the years, one or two of them do get quite excited when playing, especially when you rub or tickle their belly. I have had many bites and stratches in the past and yes they can be very painful. To the cat your hand id like a small creature that they have hunted down, they will want to tease and torment it by stratching and biting as they do outside. This is quite natural and is probably part of your cats nature, some cats play hard and some are more subtle with play. We had a cat once that did the same, but she also seemed to laugh when you tickled her belly. I'm sure she did it do distract me, because it was so funny I used to forget that she could really have a go at my hand and normally did catch me off guard.  Try using toy that have some length to them, so your hand isn't so near to your cat.


I hope this helps


Also have a look at the link below to a book about cat biting.

How to Stop Cat Biting

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Cats temper

I think that cats have different temper the same as humans do. My cat loves playing, sometimes I get tiny little scars from her nails.

I have seen few cats going really mad while playing. Usually it's related to changes in cat's temper after castration. Once some of friends cats attacked my boot while I was passing by. Very strange behavior.

There could be many different reasons for your cats behavior. I know that some cats learn to play soft when they grow up. They have to learn light bites while playing with friends.

Good luck with your cat :)

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My cat does the same thing.

My cat does the same thing. Cats bite people for various reasons. Sometimes it is on purpose, perhaps due to fear, and sometimes the cat didn't intend to inflict harm, but was just playing too roughly. It's important to train your kitten early on not to bite, and that includes not using your hands as playthings. You should try diverting her attention by providing cat toys that keep her amused. Toys like Turbo scratcher, ping pong balls, a ball of silver paper, a feather, a toy mouse can keep her amused for hours.


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That's really not a nice

That's really not a nice habit. I hope you will get rid of this. You must not take this for granted and contact a cat specialist or a relationship expert about cats. Try reading a inspirational books for women I think this might help you.

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Cats are lovable pet but it

Cats are lovable pet but it has a sharp claws that might hurt you. You dont know what attitude they have it might attack you anytime. It is better to buy lifestyle products and ask information about relationship expert and get more benefits.

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Yes, I know it for sure. My

Yes, I know it for sure. My own cat does the same to me. My advice to you; yelp and put him down and disengage in play. and be consistent. It works.

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