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Dog A-Z Breed Guide

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This includes the following Breeds. From A-Z as follows:


American Eskimo

Airedale Terrier

Afghan hound


Alaskan malamute

American bulldog

American pit bull terrier

American staffordshire terrier

American water spaniel dog

Anatolian shepherd

Australian terrier

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[goto=]Affenpinscher[/goto] - Breed Information

Affenpinscher - dog breed


CHARACTER: the Affenpinscher is an intelligent, fiercly loyal little creature, he gets on well with children and other dogs, but may get upset by strangers. barks often.

CARE: his coat should never be clipped as it can be ruined, may occasionally need plucking from a proffessional groomer.

ACTIVITY: the breed requires 2 or 3 short walks a day and lots of playtime.

American Eskimo dog breed information

American Eskimo Dog Breed Info

BREED GROUP: non-sporting

CHARACTER: intelligent, fun-loving and playful, very sociable and gets on with children, other dogs and household pets. used to be used as a circus dog.

CARE: requires regular grooming to prevent matting. sheds twice a year when extra care is required.

ACTIVITY: requires plenty of exercise, good long walks or jogs at least once a day.

Airedale Terrier dog breed information

Airedale terrier dog breed info


CHARACTER: airdales are very good natured and excellent with children. they are loyal but stubborn, active, intelligent and playful. barking is infrequent.

CARE: the coat requires little grooming, but should be plucked twice a year.

ACTIVITY: 3 walks a day and playing outside, also loves swimming and needs a variety of playthings to prevent boredham.

Afghan hound dog breed information


CHARACTER: the Afghan is a very proud, noble breed, very calm indoors, but requires lots of space to run and burn off excess energy. males can be quite dominant over other males, get on with children so long as they are not pestered constantly. you can never completely train an afghan as they are very independant animals.

CARE: requires careful grooming for at least one hour twice a week, ear cleaning is also necessary

ACTIVITY: needs a lot of exercise and to be able to have a run regularly.

Akita dog breed information

Aakita dog breed info

BREED GROUP: working

CHARACTER: often used by the japanese as police dogs they were originally bred to hunt bears. they are a powerfully built dog with a strong hunting instinct. they are calm and intelligent and make excellent watch dogs. they prefer to not have other dogs around, can get on with children and other pets if introduced from a young age. strangers be aware.

CARE: sheds twice a year will need thorough grooming at this time.

ACTIVITY: excellent stamina, but don't mind not getting daily walks.

American bulldog dog breed information

American buldog dog breed info

BREED GROUP: some say working other sites say not defined

CHARACTER: a powerful, confident, naturally alert, inquisitive and fearless dog. affectionate with children if taught from an early age. not good around strangers. requires good socialisation skills.

CARE: not much grooming required, a good brush when shedding.

ACTIVITY: very energetic, requires plenty of exercise, jogging, playing catch and lots of walks.

American pit bull terrier dog breed information

American pitbull dog breed info

BREED GROUP: isn't classified, but is a working dog

CHARACTER: intelligent and fiercly loyal, make excellent companions (despite what the press may tell you). good with children they are familiar with. must be watched with children they don't know.good socialisation with other dogs from an early age.

CARE: dead and loose hair should be removed from time to time.

ACTIVITY: requires plenty of exercise.

American staffordshire terrier dog breed information

American staffordhire bull terrier dog breed info

BREED GROUP: terrier

CHARACTER: this dog is loyal and makes a good watchdog, can be domineering over other dogs. it is very boisterous and can get along with other animals in the household if socialised from a young age. also needs to be taught not to pull on the leash as it gets very strong.

CARE: remove dead and loose hair periodically

ACTIVITY: plenty of exercise, lots of running, chasing a ball, playing fetch etc

American water spaniel dog dog breed information

American water spaniel dog

BREED GROUP: sporting

CHARACTER: this dog is sensitive and sometimes timid. it is intelligent and loyal to its owner. can bark excessively. they are generally gentle towards children and other animals, but can be aggresive towards strange dogs.

CARE: the coat requires weekly brushing. the hair around the feet may be clipped and ears should be checked regularly.

ACTIVITY: a natural lover of water and a skilled retriever and hunter. requires a daily long walk.

Anatolian shepherd dog breed information

Anatolian shepherd dog breed info

BREED GROUP: working

CHARACTER: a brave dog that can be cautious around strangers and somewhat stubborn. they are still used in the rural disricts of turkey as a companion for shepherds. need firm training from an early age.

CARE: requires very little grooming. removal of dead hair during shedding.

ACTIVITY: a lot of exercise, a large garden with a fence is required so they can regulate their own exercise.

Australian terrier dog breed information

Australian terrier dog breed info

BREED GROUP: terrier

CHARACTER: he is self confident and was bred to hunt snakes in the australian outback. he is playful, alert and intelligent.gets along fine with children so long as it isn't teased. wary around strangers.

CARE: the coat requires plucking about every 3 months, and must be groomed once a week

ACTIVITY: can adapt to various living conditions, but enjoys be able to romp and play. requires strict training.

[anchor]American cocker spaniel[/anchor] dog breed information

BREED GROUP: sporting

CHARACTER: intelligent, lively, happy and affectionate breed that gets along well with the whole family and other animals.

CARE: requires grooming regularly, and ears need checking. should see a professional groomer for plucking 2-3 times a year.

ACTIVITY: 3 walks a day are sufficient, but occasional free runs in the country will keep him happy. training should not be too firm, but consistent.