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Rabbits make great pets

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Rabbits make great pets. They are unique creatures who form tight bonds with their families. Many people who live with a house bunny have chosen a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Pet rabbits are relatively undemanding, quiet and easy to care for, and have wonderful personalities. They are curious and can be very affectionate. Rabbits are entertaining and beautiful. They have a great capacity for developing relationships with specific people. Rabbits can leave for ten years or even longer if they are well cared for. Rabbits and hares are symbols of the rising fertility of the earth and of the Earth itself, because they live so close to the ground and partially within it.

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I love rabbits! would love to

I love rabbits! would love to see some pictures of yours. Thanks, Elaine

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I love rabbits. I do adopt 3

I love rabbits. I do adopt 3 bunnies in my garden. The colors are as following black, white and grey. I feel as I am touching cotton balls when I hold them in my hand.