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The right cage for your bunny

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Determine what type of bunny you want to adopt or buy, and only then decide what type of cage would fit. A small bunny may live in an apartment, using a medium sized cage, while a larger bunny will require a large sized cage or a fenced area within a yard. Contrary to popular opinion, rabbits are not always "on the run". Although they developed hind legs to catch some speed, they run only in case of imminent danger, most of the time preferring to ... bounce. Make sure, therefore, that your loved one has enough available space in the cage to bounce freely. A rabbit’s cage should be cleaned at least once a week, at which point it is necessary to also clean all its departments - from floor to small items (such as special toys) and components integrated into the cage. Ask the cage seller for additional indications on the use and cleaning of the cage. Place a "blanket" made from special bunny hay. This hay is edible and the bunny can chew on it. Bunnies must have available a special bathroom-crate that is to be clean daily. Do not forget funny toys, but good for chewing. In this way your little furry friend will not get bored when you will be away from home. If you still feel the rabbit has enough space to move when inside the cage, you can attach another smaller cage, transforming his habitat into a real bungalow J