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Sorry, I have a few questions...

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I am still a newbie when it comes to rabbits so sorry if I seem to be asking alot of questions :oops:

How much exercise should a rabbit have?

Smudge only has a small hutch at the moment so I like to have her in our spare room which is completly bunny proof as much as I can through the day. If i'm working then she normally goes in there in the mornings before I leave and then again in the evening for a few hours when I come home. If I have the day off work though, she is normally in there for the majority of the day. Is this enough or should I be looking at giving her more exercise?

How often should she go to the vets just for general check ups?

She has been to the vets twice over the past month or so to have her Myxi and VHD vaccines. When she was there they did give her a general check up aswel but i'm wondering if I should be taking her more offen than every 6 months for her vaccines?

Whats a healthy diet for a bunny?

If I give you a little breif of what she has to eat daily: in the morning she has a small amount of pet store pellets which she gobbles up straight away and in the evenings she has some cabbage and carrot on occasion. Her diet also includes hay which she basically has an unlimited supply of.