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VHD & Myxo Vaccs - Rescue Newbie Looking For Advice

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Anyone following us will know we're reasonably new to rabbit rescue, only having started in December 2010. We don't have a physical rescue centre, but rather rely on a network of foster carers instead.

I was wondering what other rescues do in terms of administering VHD & Myxo? At the moment we rely wholly on our foster's vet practices to administer these, and whilst we have negotiated discounts, it's still quite costly.

It occurs to me that I could easily develop the skills required to administer these myself. I've found the vaccines online at considerably cheaper prices, but note that I would need a vet prescription to authorise the purchase.

I'm from a farming background, so have helped my dad administer vaccines & treatments in cattle and he does this all himself (with the products purchased via his registered vet). So I'm thinking it can't be that difficult really.

I know that Myxo has to be administered carefully as 10% needs to be in the skin, and I know that VHD traditionally has been dangerous due to accidental self-injections (but this is now a thing of the past with Anivac).

I guess I just don't know how to approach the subject with our vet(s), and whether I'm best buying the vaccines through them or asking for prescriptions to purchase (presumably cheaper) online.

Do I need "proof" that I've been trained in anyway? Are there any issues in terms of where the vaccine is administered (essentially I'd be like a mobile "vet" as wouldn't be doing this at a centre)? Do I need any other equipment I've not thought of?

Any thoughts? What do others do?

We're really tight for cash, and demand seems to be high already, so I'm really keen to trim as much cost as possible.