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Wed, 27/10/2010 - 8:24pm


BREED GROUP: herding 
CHARACTER: makes an excellent family dog, cheerful in nature and very intelligent. may be wary of strangers and will give a warning bark if necessary. fine with children as long as they aren't teased. 
CARE: they don't shed, but the coat needs special attention. the cords should be separated to prevent matting and if bathed the dog should be thoroughly dried afterwards. 
ACTIVITY: very energetic and need long daily walks. love to run and play, some are very fond of water. 
The Puli makes an excellent house dog despite his difficult coat which is a distinctive feature of this breed. He is a compact active dog of sturdy appearance, muscular and wiry with fine bone. He has a very quick step. The corded coat, consisting of top and undercoat, is separated into tight cords when young. It is surprisingly easily kept after the cords are 'set' as they do not wash out. Washing is something that must be done often and the breed is often seen with 'bunches' tied up at the loin to help keep the cords clean. Drying can be a problem.
* Good for allergy sufferers
* Good for nervous owners
* Likes Training
* Walks at least three times a day
* Not good for small children
* Likes playing
* Likes fuss and attention