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Wed, 27/10/2010 - 4:47pm


CHARACTER:  A powerful, dignified breed, that is fiercely, loyal and protective. wary of strangers but gentle with the family. not suited for the novice owner, requires firm consistent training. Needs socialising from a young age. 
CARE: Occasional use of a rubber brush to remove dead hairs is all that is necessary 
ACTIVITY: An hour or so a day is all that is required, but will accept more if the opportunity presents.
This breed is not for everyone. You have to fully understand and appreciate the original purpose of this breed. They are extremely sensitive but yet can be very strong-minded. Some will confuse their inability to be pushed around with stubbornness.  Sometimes in training when corrected too harshly the dog may panic, freeze, and  simply put the brakes on and refuse to cooperate. In worse cases the dog may become aggressive towards the handler/owner. This is not stubbornness per se but part of their ingrained temperament.  It likes a home with fenced back garden - do not leave unattended for long periods of time, prefers  warmer climate.
* Likes Training
* Average intelligence
* Likes playing