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Skin and food allergies

Mon, 15/07/2013 - 12:08pm


Ruby is our Dogue de Bordeaux and she joined our family as a puppy in May 2009, at the age of just 10 months Ruby started to scratch and itch and was clearly in discomfort. We took Ruby to the vet who informed us she had skin and food allergies and an over active immune system. We then began a programme of allergy tests costing 1.000's of pounds, with an immunisation being designed for her, lots of anti biotics (costing 100;s of pounds)  a specialist vet who only deals with skin problems and almost every treatment available, none of which worked satisfactorily and certainly did not help Ruby. 3 years on and we still didn't have a suitable treatment plan that worked just bills upon bills from vets that had not worked and a dog that itched and scratched until she was red raw, covered in spots,with huge patches of glad skin and dry patches !! Ruby was on a daily course of steroids (prednidale) and the result was nothing more than a bloated stomach and a cone head due to muscle loss brought about as a direct side effect, in addition this can cause deterioration of the liver and kidneys, not good. In May this year we again contacted the vet who advised perhaps we have Ruby destroyed as we had tried every available option, for us this was NOT an option. Then we found a specialist pet care website www.ynotpetcare that supplied a 100% natural product derived from emu oil of all things, we purchased an allergy pack, which is shampoo with emu oil and a one month supply of emu oil capsules all 100% natural with no side effects. We bathed Ruby twice a week at first using the shampoo and gave her 2 capsules per day, I won't lie initially I was sceptical, however one week later and there was a noticeable improvement, two weeks and no more dry nose and dry patches and the hair was growing back, Ruby has now been on the emu oil capsules for 6 weeks and we bathe her every two weeks (more out of habit than necessity) The yeast infections have died down, as have the ear infections, her coat is perfect and she has a wet nose. Ruby is back to a a standard we had NEVER seen in her since she was a puppy, those of you who have animals with similar issues will know exactly what i'm talking about. All we can add is "THANK YOU YNOTPETCARE AND EMU OIL!!


here is the website for Ynot Pet Care www.ynotpetcare.co.uk